Welcome to 0870.me. Fed up of the closed nature of existing sites, 0870.me was set up to allow developers to build applications on as many different platforms as possible.

The Aim

0870.me wasn't set up to make me rich or famous. The aim is simply to have as many mobile users as possible using 0870.me powered apps. The way mobile networks charge for 08* numbers is crazy, and I just want to see that change.

Querying the API

Accessing the data very simple. Just query a REST API, and receive data back in whatever format you need.



Valid formats for the API are:

The Database

First of all, remember that having multiple separate databases helps nobody.
The number database on 0870.me is owned by nobody. If you want a copy of the entire database, then you can have one. I'll update this soon with instructions.
All I ask is that if you're looking to get a complete database, don't repeatedly query the API. Just download the database dump and do whatever you want with the data.


0870.me will NEVER try to identify users, and no personally trackable information (such as cookies) is used on the site or the API. There is also no way to relate one API request to another, so you can't be tracked like that either. The only thing stored is the number of successful and failed API lookups.

That extra legal stuff

There is no guarantee that 0870.me will return a replacement number, and in the cases where it does there is no guarantee that this is indeed a cheaper number. Networks often charge varying amounts for 08* numbers on each of their tariffs, so it would be impossible to get this perfect every single time. Neither 0870.me or the developers using the API can be held responsible for any call charges incurred.


If you're using the 0870.me database, please don't pass it off as your own. You never know - there might be another developer using your app who has the expertise to develop for another platform.
Feel free to use any images found on this site within your apps.
It goes without saying, but you own any apps you develop - not me.


0870.me is brought to you by Simon Maddox, but wouldn't have been possible without the help of Kieran Gutteridge and Elliott Kember.

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